Viral vacation, a walk on the outside.

April 19 · Vila do Conde, Portugal

Viral vacation, a walk on the outside. Time for some fresh air, I donned my viral protection, a hat, a mask and a shirt that can be seen at a distance, to make sure people keep their distance. Outside I did go, to stretch my legs, breath the salt air. There were others out too, but all keeping their distance. Doing their best to enjoy a safe respite. It appears even some of the flowers were playing it safe being ‘retired’ isolated behind the fence. A playground, now but a sculpture to be admired and treated like a piece of art. I walked to the beach and back, as I reflected upon myself. And Religious symbols intimated protection.
(Shirt given to me from the Lozi people of the Baroste Plain of Zambia.) Lwitumezi kozo

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