Table for 1: Fun Elegance In Isolation

May 26 at 3:52 PM · Vila do Conde, Portugal 

Sometimes it is nice to go out for an elegant dinner, but since I am isolating, and not going out, I opted for Fun Elegance In Dinner Menu: Filet of Pork and Salad Centered on Volcanic PotatoesCentered: Volcanic Mashed/Pureed Potatoes with Mountainside Lava Gravy and a Caldron of Melted Magma Butter.Side of Plate, Medallions of Pork Filet, glazed with Honey Mustard Sauce, on a bed of grilled peachesOther Side, Simple Lettuce and Vine Red Tomatoes, White Cheese with a Mediterranean VinaigretteTranslated to simple menu: Mashed potatoes with butter and gravy, Pork Filet on peaches with honey mustard glaze and small salad. With a bit of an old persons childlike imagination.

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