Table for 1: LOL = Look Organic Lunch

May 15 at 6:22 AM · Vila do Conde, Portugal 

Today’s meal in isolation, is a balance of foods nutritious; and a hearty dessert. Menu: Turkey, Fruit and Salad Sandwich, with high fiber dessertA combination of sliced Cheese, Turkey, Vine ripened Tomatoes and Pineapple on a blanket of greens.Placed upon slices of bread lathered in Honey Mustard, and then separated into two triangles.On a plate of wedges of tart Granny Smith Apples.With Fiber Rich Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Cookies By Tener DuarteAKA: a turkey sandwich with pineapple and tomato, with apple wedges and cookies on a plate. Cookies were made by Tener Duarte and can be delivered anywhere in the world (that laws permit).

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