A Trek of Lifetime’s, not of a lifetime

(AirTreks Contest Entry, and Mission Description with cool videos)

What do you call a Trek that begets Treks, not just for the Trekker but for those met on the way, and those who follow vicariously?

With this AirTreks Give Away, I hope to solidify what I am in the process of nurturing, into a perpetual Giving and Growing of lifetimes of Trekking experiences.

With this AirTreks Give Away, I hope to be able to go back to those who are making videos, websites, postings and aiding me, from the equipment I have given them, to create an “Earth Personally – Web Enterprise”. That will share their experiences and generate income to support their sharing to the world. And, that enables my Trek to be extended beyond my lifetime, and to enhance the lifetimes of those who continue it, to “Keep on Trekking!”

A Trek which has not stopped since it commenced in July 2015, as a Storyographer’s Journey, has become a Lifetime of journeys for many, beyond just that of this trekker. A trek to over 50 countries in 4.5 years, with over 150 flights, most booked through AirTreks.

For in this time, travelling as Earth Personally (because that is how I Trek) engaging with people met, from places little known, a synergy of self and other discovery is occurring. The people met are expressing themselves to a world beyond; and for the world beyond, many who do not travel, are able to make discoveries beyond their imaginations.

For my Trek has become something beyond me. As I share cameras, computers, phones, and Facebook friends, the people I have met are now creating their own stories, of their lives to share with those that follow me.

Some of those who are now sharing their lives, with the gifts they turned into tools, have been hosted by me on road trips beyond their dreams. (Using Airtreks to book some of these once in a lifetime trips for people I have met.) For me, well-travelled, as I am, including friends met on my travels, on journeys with me, brings back the awe of it all. These have included a lunch lady from Chile through Patagonia; brother and teen sister from an isolated Madagascan Island on a two week trek of Madagascar; a Brazilian farm girl living in a Brazilian slum to Europe; a Moroccan Muslim judge on a France/Spain road trip; a Zambian woman, who became a mermaid for a day in Mauritius; a young Zimbabwean mother, who got her driver’s license as we road tripped with her son and their first ocean experience; an Indian Office worker to the Iberian peninsula; an Indian lover of animals and plants on a conservation journey; a friend on a gender journey and others who have all trekked with me, still alive to share their stories.

Stories, of how the sun rises from beneath the sea, cars are turned into houses, lunch tips into legacies, isolation into pride, aloneness to awareness. Stories that bring them to the world, and the world to them, creating a feeling of neighbourhood for all.

If, I am not selected for this AirTreks Give Away, I would be remiss not to ask, that if you or anyone, know of individuals, businesses or organizations, that could help me to organize our work for social media and income, I would greatly appreciate it. I was born B.C. (Before Computers), I am not lost in the real world, I am lost in the cyber world, and am in need of a cyber manager, so I and my friends can “Keep on Trekking” for lifetimes and beyond!

For my travel plan, I would fly to Africa, where I have friends creating a video production and editing business, and working with children’s programs in 3 countries. Then to India to assist my animal loving friends with their burgeoning web broadcast site. Then to Fiji to assist a primary school teacher with this project. And then to Brazil where they are working on organizing my 1 million photos and videos, in a way they can be presented to keep the Trek, Trekking. Once the Earth Personally – Web Enterprise is up and running, I will go back to those met in other countries and help them to become part of the bigger project, if they wish.

For more on my trek go to:
Earth Personally (over 1,000 Storyographies)
http://www.earthpersonally.com (a selection of stories from the over 57 countries visited)
Brent Brendan Bishop, my Facebook Name.

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