Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

My Afternoon Adventure, from Z to A:

Having woken up from intercontinental jetlag at 3pm, I found myself on a new adventure, going to the local shop for beverages and snacks. When I asked Zenith. one of the ladies working at the place Ii am staying for directions, she did one better, she walked be there. Then she did two better and helped me with my shopping and teaching me Hello and Thank You, in the local language. Giving the workers in the shop a good laugh. Once, shopping was done, Zenith went here way and I went may way back to the Lodge.

On the way, I came to what I thought was, derelict place, only to find it was a driving school. I watched a student driver, successfully back up, it was a Breeze, so it said on the side of the car, in which she drove.

Greeted by children, as I walked. Some were hard at work bending steel, and others playing Hide and go seek. I made it home, to where Ada, made sure I got to my room safely, at Sheriff Lodge.