Santo André, Brazil

Adapting: A young man’s missed matched football shoes, Nike on the Left, Adidas on the right, represents how challenges are overcome in Bom Pastor, Santo Andre, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Where the neighbors rallied together to rid a delinquent parcel of debris and challenges, while they kept a 24 hour 7 day a week watch over the project to make sure it was not vandalized until completion.

A parcel that now provides grounds for sport, music and community activities. On this day, I watched a football practice, a drum team practice and in the evening, almost 100 neighbors sharing the birthday celebration of two young boys. Next to Circos Asfalto, which adds to the activities of community.

A un-matched community, which has found a way, to match their abilities, skills and hearts, as the boy in yellow, shows that even with shoes un-matched, life can be accomplished.

One never knows, this young man, might be the first to be sponsored by two sports shoe companies simultaneously. You never know, until you try. And in football Tries make the score.

The project left a natural treed and fruit plant area for birds, who fly in and out of Bom Pastor, herewith the photos of this day in the park of Bom Pastor. Along with the community activities, even the Ice Cream truck made a stop, with more than ice cream. It also had eggs, vegetables, and fresh fish, prepared to order by the driver.

This was the last day of a wonderful weeks visit with hosts Fran Marinho and Douglas Marinho Emanuelle Do Amaral and family of @circusasfalto Bruno Unaí Lusia Santos Lusia Ohana Lupita Sampaio Bia Bansen Almiro Batista Rodrigues Circodoasfalto