Celtic Stew International

Shamrock Bar, Gran Canaria

Celtic Stew International – A Night which eclipsed the wee early morning Eclipse. What a morning to night, day it was.

It had been 42 months and 57 countries, since I last mixed with my Scottish Musician Friends at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. This day we reunited for a night of Celtic Stew International, as they performed in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria, Spain, at the Shamrock Bar, with an audience of Scandinavian’s, Dutch, and other European’s, with one American/Irish dancer in an African shirt to add colour to the night’s festivities.

Original songs mixed with popular, kept the audience engaged, and meeting music with dance, in a town people resort to, for fun and sun, and the beauty of the night, by nature, or with natural born musicians.

A Birthday Gif to Elsa and Phil
This Gif is a gift to Elsa McTaggart and Phil Moylan, who not only share a birthday, but shared the wonders of Winkle’s Pub in Kinvara, Ireland, where many young musicians were given an opportunity to perform and grow in their art, as others, like this Hostel Man, joined in to learn the local dance.

Winkle’s which once entertained the world who came into its doors, has now sent entertainers around the world to entertain others at their door.

My apologies this GIF is not better presented, but having been born BC, Before Computers, my skills on the keyboard, are not well developed wether if be musical or laptop, which are no better developed, than my Set Dancing steps. But I try anyway.

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