A white moon in the Gran Canaries

Gran Canaries

Brightness on a cloudy and foggy day in the Gran Canaries, , where clouds may block the sun from time to time, and fog may roll in, but the ever present color of flowers and building, keep the mountain sides bright even in the lack of light.


Bridging the gap, enlighteningly


As the flowers await to bloom from yellow to purple or white, I wait this night for the of the full Moon white.


A white moon arises, before the Sun can set, and the City is alight. Like an Irish lass on a white sandy beach, not easy to find, but beautiful to see. Here above the city, sliding between clouds on the edge of the sea. Tonight it will be eclipsed as the Earth tries to keep the Suns tanning rays to reach her surface, she will turn many a shade from white, to grey to red, and finish at the rise of morn pink or orange, as is the case with an Irish lass in the sun’s rays.


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