Three Men and a Solstice Full Moon set and Rise

Fes, Morocco

Two friends met, met 1,262 rises and sets ago, enjoy sharing the morning and night horizons of Fes, Morocco, as Moon sets and rises, and they share in recording the moment through the eyes’ of cameras.

48418676_10215804521520533_8948151460240031744_o (1).jpg

As I travel, I have the opportunity to meet various people, on this day I brought together a Moroccan friend met on a Train (Fatih Kamal) to Fez and on that same day 42 months ago a man ( Kibir Bobo) met in Fez.

This day we all met before morning’s end to catch the Solstice full moon as it set, and then again as it rose to celebrate the end of short days and the beginning of long ones. This day I shared the love of photography and storytelling that has transformed me into a Storyographer, as I mentor the two of them of the world of rediscovery through the eye of a camera’s lens.



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