Cool Reception/ Winter’s Solstice at the foot of the Julian Alps

Kranj, Slovenia

Winter’s Solstice, winter’s snow, a brisk day in Slovenia at the foot of the Julian Alps. I take foot with nearing spirit of Christmas’ warming on this cold winter’s day. The yards and homes are immaculate here, Slovenians are very proud of their places, and are very protective too, not a one without gate and fence, in a place with little crime.

A Christmas spirit, does not appear, about the only decorations are fruits and flower left upon trees and bush.

As I traverse street and field, and greet the passerby’s I get grunts, grumbles, and over the shoulder stares, as they pass and continue on. Even the children are hidden from my view as I pass by, with a friendly local language greeting from me to all. I am an outsider taking photos, not in their comfort zone it seems.

One gentleman did respond well when I spoke Slovenian greetings, but others continued on.

It seems the winter temperatures were warmer than the spirits of the locals.

As I took a photo of the sun’s setting over a tree’s ridge bereft of leaves, a lady came running after me, telling me I could not take such photos. A bit disappointing really, especially when I showed her the photos were of Sun and trees, and not of her or her place. A run she made to the car, to make a call, police or whoever I do not know, for in this snow the people were colder than the snow itself.

As I have always said, all the places I have visited in the world have their beauty, but what makes a place unique is the character of its people. I hope the uniqueness of the streets I walked and pictured today stay unique to this location. For I prefer places that are warm to the spirit, no matter the coolness of the air. This day I saw great beauty land and scenery, but it was not matched by those in its care. For me the beauty of the place is determined by the beauty of its people.

A boy on a scooter, an enfant in a pram provided smiles, along with the one gentleman, so not all was as cold as ice. Hopefully with their cheer a Christmas spirit can blossom here, brining a soulful warmth that will thaw the frigid spirits.

As for me, I did find my migratory friend, the Moon, watching over me through the trees, as I continue my travels. I was last here watching over the moon as it was eclipsed by the sun, but it did not let this keep it from shining, nor will I let the shadows of others take away mine.


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