Moon on the radar

Bangalore, India

Mission for the Moon

My mission for the moon had been hampered in Goa, with high clouds and ocean fog, only glimpses of the Moon could be had. I had no choice but to take for flight and see if I could catch the moon above horizon and clouds ,between Goa and Bangalore, India. Once above the clouds I was able to get a hazy photo, through plane’s window, of what I had sought. Mission sort of accomplished.

Upon landing at the airport, I was hoping to get a glimpse of the moon before it was lost in the light of the rising Sun. Busy as bees I was searching for one last look of the moon before its’ departure from the airport, it was off my radar. But then with a closer look, I saw it may be off my radar but not off the airport control tower’s radar. I began shooting the moon, once again, as it and the Sun lit up the day, literally becoming moon and sun lights upon the steel poles of Bangalore. Pole dancing into their own rises and sets.

My mission was accomplished, as I left the bees to theirs.

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