Moon Chasing Indian Style

Guwahati, India

I have come to picture the full moon in Guwahati, only on this eve before its arrival to find a sky of smoke and clouds hiding the moon from me. I had gone up to the pool deck to see the moon rise the night before full to see where it would rise, but to no avail, the veil of cloud and smoke, too thick to permit the moon to shine.

I went up to my room to use the time to prepare a post, only to look up and see the near full moon, rushing down to pool side once again, I found the pool to be for a reserved party to which I was not invited. (Why a party would be ‘Reserved’ and not rowdy, I do not know.)


I then went to the lobby and out the front door, to see what I could see from there. Looking up whilst going down stairs is not the best way to go, especially when gravity takes over, and I ended up grounded on my backside. Luckily enough in India there is no shortage of kind people, who when they offered me a lift from backside to standing, I instead asked, “Where is the moon?” and they gladly pointed it out to me.

Pictures taken, friends made, I went to dinner and found myself to be the semi~official photographer of a Sweet 16 party, for a girl named, Swimee Taye.


So was my first full day in Guwahati, Inida.

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