Movie making the Mongu way

Mongu, Zambia

A Moving Mongu Magical Movie Making Experience

There is a first day for everything, from the first day we took our first breath, to today, when two friends went out with equipment foreign to them, so see what they could discover and learn. Brenda of Zimbabwe, on her first day in Mongu, and Biggie a street resident in his 17th year set out on their first day of using cameras for photo and video, to see what they could discover and learn, to become videographers and storyographers. Quick learners they were. On their first day publishing their first Storyography post, they also stumbled across a dramatic scene, an encounter of ghosts, and finished with producing their first music video. All in one day’s work.

As life would have it, I am back in Mongu after a years respite to help friends here develop a video business, to capture their culture and help edit videos to help others around the world capture theirs.

These 3 videos occurred all spontaneously as we walked and talked and shot photo and video, to review at days end what was learned and to be learned.

The first video, was requested by a local resident as he watched us take photos, he enquired of us, what we were doing? I explained I was helping my friends to take photos and edit video. He responded, ‘’ Movie Makers?’’ and then requested we follow him to his van where friends were waiting for him. Once there before we knew it, he began acting out a jealousy scene with his friends, and I was left to intercede spontaneously. What started out as a lover’s squabble ended in hugs of friendship, and our first movie. Kool. 🙂

The surprised and opportunities did not end there. Since Mongu, in my mind, is at the edge of civilization the local young children are not accustomed to people with a lighter skin tone as mine, and begin to cry at the sight of me, thinking I am a ghost. On this occasion on our way back to home and lodge, we came across a Lozi Likishi or Street Ghost, resulting in a ghost versus ghost meeting. While there was some horseplay at first meeting, it was a situation of all is well that ends well.

Like any play, a movie too requires three acts and unbeknownst to Brenda and I, Biggie, found occasion to film a group of girls dancing in unison.

Not bad for their first day, having posted their first Storyography and producing 3 movies. Now none of this will win them an Academy, but it has rewarded them with the knowledge going forth, there is a wonderful world to be discovered and shared, and they have now started learning how to use the tools needed to share their world with others.

And soon they will develop the skills needed to help the others who started last year, to start a video-based business in Mongu. Maybe someday even a Mongu Movie Theatre will show their creations for all to enjoy.

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