A night with Dracula

Brasov, Romania

Dracula? It is not often you are asked your blood type upon check-in, but here in the village of Bran, it appears to be important information, for their most famous resident, Dracula. I presume Bran is a good place for a Vampire on a high fiber diet. Literary License aka kidding aside, Dracula is but a literary construct, by a fellow Irish writer, who took the story of Vlad the Impaler, and turned him in to Dracula the Blood Sucker. None-the-less, I find myself in this village that embraces the literal and literary. And even has a sign to alert you about the where the Wolf is. On this day there was no Where Wolf alert for the moon was two-thirds full.


On this night, I was able to capture the historical castle and moon, and during the day scenery, not so historical but lovely buildings and tourist, doing the things tourist do.

By the way, if you see errors, in my tupeing, I found this is hereditary I have typo blood. As for Bram Stroker, wrote the story of Dracula, while his Irish wife Mary Shelley tried to create the perfect man, and ended up creating Frankenstein

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