On the road to Romania

Constanta, Romania


My day started in Bulgaria and ended with the setting Sun in Romania, but like most of my days, what happened in between it what keeps it interesting. My arm in pain, my GoPro not recharged, was not sure how I would capture the scenery as I traversed from one country to another. But as fate would have it opportunity gave me a sign, held by two young men requesting transport to Constanta, Romania ( same destination as me). After making a 10km U-turn I offered the boys a lift, and they said they had nothing to offer in return. I said, ‘No Problem’, got them and their things into the car, and handed them cameras and told them to shoot away, which they did. A stop for lunch. A border crossing. The day ended with them headed East and me West. Here with, is what we shared this day. We will stay in touch.


The young men are brothers, from the Ukraine. Roman just turning 18 is studying to be a train Engineer. Bohdan a Choir conductor, who brought his brother camping for his birthday present. As any good choir director would do upon hearing I had just had my birthday, they sang Happy Birthday to me in Ukrainian a cappella. A pleasant present.

It is not surprising they lit up my life for the day. Their mother works for the lighting company and their father manufactures windows and doors. With windows, rooms that would be dark are light. With doors we are not locked in. I appreciated them sharing the light of day and life without barriers.


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