A 11 year old Adam

This is Adam selling donuts made by his mother from Syria. Adam speaks perfect English, he lives in Skopje, Macedonia.


Adam wanted 20 denar for 3 donuts, or 40 denar or 6 donuts. I like entrepreneurial Adam and that he speaks perfect English. I bought 6 donuts for 100 denar. (20 denar is worth 38 cents US and100 denar is $1.89 US or in Euro .32 and 1.62 respectively) so a tip of 60 denar or about $1.20, it pays to speak English.) I let Adam know I appreciated his entrepreneurship and his mastery of the English language.

I shared with him I write stories and take pictures. He thought this was interesting, and went on his way to sell the balance of the donuts.

About an hour later Adam returned to get a better idea of what I meant by write stories and take pictures. I handed him a camera, showed him how to use it, and let him take pictures as I did so too. When we were done, he asked me what I did with the photos, and I told him I put them on the internet with my stories and on my blog. He then asked what my traffic was like and how many followers I had, I told him not many, I was just getting started with marketing my storyographies. He began making various suggestions, I told him I would put him in contact with Earth Personally Communications Director Ivan Roblek, who was next to us. I explained to Adam, he could help me develop Earth Personally, with others. He liked that idea. I also introduced him to my EP Blog Manager, Sabina Erjavec. We exchanged Instragram contacts, we parted ways, not with a good-bye but with a see you later.

Adam took all the pictures on this posting. Adam is determined, talented and creative. You can hear him speak, as he attempts his first videos, of Sun, clouds and birds.

Adam is 10 almost 11, he is starting productive life early. I think he will do well and help me to do so also. I am looking forward to having Adam on the Earth Personally team, I hope he will have us on his. And he will help to find a way to send his mothers wonderful donuts to me, no matter where I might be.

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