BFF, what friends are for


Out of the mist, comes remembered one’s of my past, as I meet them in Slovene mountains and beach.

Cris and her husband Alexandro, of Italy, now living in England meet me on the coast. While Jerca and I meet in her home town of Kranj.

While ,Slovenia is the common location for our meetings, 10 years ago it was Ireland where I operated a youth hostel and Crissy and Jerca came to work to improve their English, and experience life in a foreign land. The people who worked with me are like family and we stay in contact as family would. Crissy and Alexandro now working in education in England and are raisng two boys. Jerca has gone from hostel helper to Castle Hotel manager. She now owns a home with her partner Jakko, and still drives the car she bought with her earnings from me 9 years prior.

At the end of the reunions, Crissy helped me to feel youngers by saying I looked no different than I did in 11 the years since we last met. I felt like I was at the fountain of youth, but then I thought did I look 62, 11 years ago? None-the-less it is nice to find ways to connect with people as our lives move on.

At the end of this visit, it was nice to have met up with Cris Razza and Jerca Gabor, and earlier Nevenko Marić and family. It is nice to share our worlds with each other.

With each being reminded of the specialness we have for each other.

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