Moon Set, Sun Rise, on the morning of the coming Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse, Friday 27.7.2018

The Chase begins,
the Moon ducks behind the mountains ridge.
Birds clamour and take their seats on the wire’s high.
The Sun rises over the Julien Alps, (mountains made by the meeting of lands, sea beds now touching the sky), it looks to put light upon the moon, as it does most days.


But today, the Earth will put shade on that, giving the Moon an extra four-hour respite from the Sun’s glare.

Eclipsed by the Earth the Moon will be, changing in colour and intensity, during the chase, from the shadows edge it will go from Orange to dimmed, and when fully hidden from the Sun’s light, it will be blood red, and slowly the redness will be replaced and the Moon, will go from yellow to white, this night, until just before it sets in the morn to be orange once more.

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