Birthday Sunrise

Vila do Conde, Portugal



Listen/watch as the birds chirp their happy bird’sday songs they sing at the birth of each new day. Watch as the inspiring Sun rises between church spires as music plays to its movement.

A new day is begun for Vila do Conde and a new year for Tiago.

As the Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lima rises for his birthday, so does the Sun. Happiest of Birthday’s to Tiago , Hotelier of Venceslau Wine Boutique Hotel, from room 31 with a view of rising sun over Igreja Da Lapa church, Santa Clara Aqueduct and Vila do Conde.

Tiago Lima is a very gracious host. As I am travelling in campervan without shower, or electricity, Venceslau is my oasis between my travels around Portugal.

An aside, ever see those security cameras catching people, who lock themselves out of their own rooms? And, smile at their predicament. Well, I was my own victim that way yesterday, when I went to shower only to realized I had left my suitcase in the hall. When I went to retrieve it, the automatic room door shut, leaving me in towel. Fortunately, not for long since it was my luggage left outside and I was able to attire before further embarrassment. It was good it was my clothes I had left and not my camera or computer bag. Since it was a Sunday and Tiago was away for an hour. Covering myself lap with a laptop, sounds almost logical, but not practical.
None the less, Tiago arrived with a new key, and my life returned to abnormal once again. I avoided upstaging Tiago’s birthday, by not being caught in my birthday suit.






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