Solo But Not

Vida Da Conde, Portugal

The Sun sets on its own, melting through the clouds into the calm ocean waters, as it has done to begin each Earth night since the first.

A lone girl takes a photo of its setting.

A fisherman pays no heed to the Sun’s setting as he casts for a fish or two.

A bird flies solo, but not alone.

There are times when we are in a crowd yet feel lonely.

There are times we are alone but not.

The sliver of a moon silver plays with a flower bloomed on a tree, as Venus joins the moon in its descent to join the Sun for a night’s sleep.

The lone girl acknowledges the fisherman’s existence as she picture’s him and I picture them, and she looks back to see me. Assuring our existence. In the end, he sees me and I him, none is alone on this night.

A peaceful night of solo people, not alone.

As the natural light descends, the light of man’s making, shines so as not to leave us alone in the dark.

One light each but as a group, enough light to keep us on path.
As the lone fisherman’s light reflects upon the night’s water, celestial night lights shine, and lights from the shore affirm he is not alone.

A series of solo people and lights not alone, result in the reflection of Vila do Conde, not alone upon the sea and sky, shared by all.

And, I, a lone traveller, not alone invited here by people I met on my solo but not alone travels.


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