An Artful History

Baracoa, Cuba / February 2016

The art of history can be told and interpreted many ways, for the indigenous people here, their history, arts and crafts ended with the coming of the un-invited. Living in caves with an ocean view and a mountain with a flattened top named Yunque, they prospered for hundreds of centuries but were gone within one. An indigenous looks forward from his cave, as the un-invited dance the dance of conquest. As art and history entangle, looking back at what was.

With the coming of the un-invited and all that comes with a philosophy and behavior of a people. A Haitian warrior, Hatuey aims to ebb the tide of absorption and/or elimination. A fight ensues, a dance is danced, Mother Earth as it was known is vanquished, to make room for a cemetery, that buries the past of all who reside, souls take flight, in hopes of rebirth.

(The photos used for this story are from an assortment of artifacts and works by local artists; ancient and contemporary.)

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