Easter Dinner of unleaven nann bread in Seville

Seville, Spain

A civil Seville, Spain, Easter’s procession with a touch of India. As we ate unleavened bread in Restaurante Jaipur at Encarnation Plaza, beneath the Metropol Parasol in Seville as the weekend’s Easter procession passed us by. Special mention to my Rajasthani friends, especially from Jaipur as this dinner resurrected religious and friendship memories. And a special thank you to Joya Sharma Indian Food guide and apprentice photographer.


Did she think I was one of them? All claded in black and white marching with prayers in thier heart for Christ was risen and it was time for celebrating this rising. This little angel looking at me with twinlkling eyes and innocence as pure as gold. She had a candy in her hand and she was looking for an opportunity to hand over the candy she found a small space in the crowd and now it was in my hands…I instead returned it to her thinking it was meant for her so she could march along with the rest who were a part of the procession who I really would not know what they had in thier hearts but this little angelic looking princess was sure a part of the crowd with happiness and joy and purity in her heart not knowing the woes and burdens of everyone around her. Me inclusive who was just a by stander taking pictures, I called her once I really dont know if we understood each other but she turned back gave me the candy and marched along with the crowd. I knew I would never see her again, just as she had all the purity and innocence in her I prayed and wished for her “A beautiful life ahead”. The little girl taught me, my reluctance to accept gifts from others is misguided that by rejecting her gift, I rejected her. But she refused to reject me and regifted to my acceptance. She may never remember me, but i will always remember the two gifts she gave me, the candy and the lesson for acceptance of others even when rejected. As for my first contribution on this platform, I now understand that Earth Personally is about the interactions we have with others not things as we travel through life…





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