A natural cultural experience in Zambia

Mongu, Zambia

Over the course of my travels I have experienced many a cultural show, with this one being the most refreshing. Most shows now are very commercialized for the benefit of tourist. What made this show special, it was by local people for local people to experience and maintain their cultural heritage.

The experience is allowing me to work with local people to find ways to bring Cultural Tourism to Mongu and the Baroste Plain of Western Province Zambia. To that end I am working with people who live here to create a reason for people to come here to experience this area as is, its culture, dance, cuisine, geography, history, trades and more. And adding new ones, such as the attached video made and produced by Mother, Son and friends. With the hope that they can develop the skills and awareness to add to their economy by adding unique and special experiences for those who come to engage with them. Monde Litungi, Ak Ngenda, Inambao Nakwebwa and Mwenda Rob Nkhuwa.

Enjoy their first music/dance video, to share their culture and new media expertise. (note: after uploading we found the last 4 minutes will leave you in the black, we are on a learning curve.) And still photos taken by all of us.

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