Guided tour of Rocinha, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Return to Rocinha, a Favela in Portuguse, a slum in English. I have returned to spend two weeks here to experience Rocinha from the inside.

With the help of Lusia Santos a resident, we will report on Rocinha from our differing perspectives.

This being our first day, we took a guided tour of Rocinha, with Luiza and Andrea of Exotic Tours. Having retraced my steps of last year, we are now ready to explore Rocinha on our own. We hope to share some cultural experiences and even a Moonrise Sunset on my last night here.

Capoeira were practicing their skills as we passed by, doing their martial arts dance. The main troupe is in Norway, we will await their return to show you highlights of their Art and to find out what they do when they are not performing.

Since, I am hoping to open a view to Rocinha, Lusia Santos aided me in this regard by pushing the mountains aside, to open Rocinha to the world.

Herewith, are our photos of the day, with more stories and photos in the next two weeks.

During our time, we will make contact with others I met on my last visit. We will meet with Bruno Pazos on Thursday and hope to meet with Damila Oliveira, Suellen and Ricardo Bexiga in the days to come.

At days beginning Lusia Santos was wearing sandals, not the attire needed for days of walking, taking us on a detour to get retreaded with tennis shoes.


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