A well orchid-strated airport in Korea

Inchon International Airport, Seoul, Korea


With my rim journey around the Pacific beginning I was a bit nervous, as I found the place I was landing had two suns. Could this be Tatooine ? But my concern was allayed as further reflection showed 4 suns. While Japan may be the land of the rising Sun, as the Sun’s set this eve Korea was the land of the setting Suns (4). Planes have no problem finding the airport day or night, since the control tower, has a torch as bright as the sun itself.

With just a short time to make my transfer I was pleased to find a well-orchestrated airport, that got me efficiently to my gate for departure. This reflected well on my impression of Korea, especially when the gate numbers could not only be seen by sign, but by reflection upon the floor too. The floors were so clean and bright, advertisers got twice the notice.

And whoever orchestrated the orchids provided a very nice atmosphere for traveler and planes. Planes who themselves land as if in a winged dance of landing and takeoff, and parked as if they were synchronized swimmers.
Please note even in the children’s play area you will see adults, some having fun and other others on a time out.

To my friends, Janet 김재경 and Sue, while my visit to your country was brief, I enjoyed this glimpse and plan to be back another day. Janet I gave you big wave as the plane came in for landing, but with so many suns I doubt you were able to see me through the bright light that is Korea.
Finally, as I went to board my plane looking up at its ceiling, I made me question was this the Millennium Falcon, and was I headed to a place far, far away. Reality set in when I came back down to earth and reminded myself, that this trip was to be only 15,000 miles/25,000km, not as far away as a planet in another galaxy.

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