Animal Hospital Indian Style

Pipasar, India

All life is important in India. While I have been a patient in hospitals on every continent, this is the first time I have been to a hospital that includes all species of mammals (a truly non-discriminatory approach). In India all people are covered by health care, and through volunteer efforts, so are the animals of India.
Like any other hospital there is an emergency number and room. As well as an operating room and different wards, for cancer patients, maternity (where cesarean sections are performed), ambulatory (with prosthetics), burns, and more. There is a ward for orphans, who are nursed by mothers without babies, of their own. There is even a cafeteria that serves oats, liquids and even popcorn and biscuits/cookies. On top of that there are blankets/quilts used to lessen the coldness of winter upon the patients.
The mammals are not rushed out, they are kept for as long as it takes to recover and if they cannot be returned home, homes are provided for them in various specialized shelters in the region.

This hospital is fully staffed by fellow mammals, of Doctors, nurses, emergency drivers, and various staff needed to meet the needs of their patients.


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