A sweet day around Kandy

Kandy, Sri Lanka

I had to face facts, and my tour guide could no longer contain me (even when he became two, two tour guides in one). I had to go tour rogue and actually engage with the people of the country I am visiting. I like to be face to face with the people of the places I go, so herewith are the faces I encountered today.

The girl holding the child, is part of the pre-history lineage of Sri Lanka, preceding the Buddhist who began writing the history of their land in 523 BC these girl’s ancestors predate that date by 10’s of thousands of years. If you chose to cursor through the pictures of this album, you will see her relatives performing various hunting practices for me, as she and her family pose for my camera and let the camera capture their strength and beauty.


The store front is that of a restaurant owned by two ladies, and sits between tyre repair and house cleaning supply shops. I shared with my guide I wanted to eat as local as can be and this was as local as it gets. I enjoyed being able to eat the real thing, from real people, with Sri Lankans who eat this day in and day out, and not the tourist restaurant food with other tourist as I had been. This was a wonderful experience for me, as well as, the two ladies, who have never experienced a guest like me, nor I two ladies as they. Again cursor through the pics and you will see these engaging ladies with their customers and the traditional lunch I had the pleasure of savoring.

Being a Sunday it was a religious day and for the Buddhists, a special one to celebrate the relics of Buddha’s tooth, which is kept in the city of Kandy. Here many wear white in reverence to their beliefs and to honor the creator of their beliefs. You will then see photos of people on Sunday walks and drives and even some working on Sunday.

But then to my surprise, there was a carnival with rides, live bands and more. Who can pass up a town carnival not me, herewith are pictures of people enjoying a Sunday afternoon.

Finally, an Asian tour guide tries to get containment and does of her 25+ clients, apparently a much easier task for her, than for my tour guide, who unable to contain me, assisted me in my endeavors of the day. Even pulling over so I could take pictures of a Sri Lankan Elephant Cloud Sun set.



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