When we are judged by the friends we keep

Mahé, Seychelles

When we are judged by the friends we keep. (Cliffhanger at the end don’t miss it lest you be judged.)

In Ireland on the Friday evening I would take the Irish Set Dance lessons at Winkle’s Pub with others living in the village. One of my co-dancers was none other than Mathilda Twomey, who I knew as the postman’s wife and she knew me as Brendan the Hostel Man. Many of us in the village were blow ins, Mathilda from the Seychelles and me from the States.

As events, occurred we found ourselves blown to other shores, Mathilda back to the Seychelles and continent hopping for myself.

This week, we found ourselves dancing once again at the ‘Fish-oh Sychelles Le Restaurant du Marche’ located on the mezzanine of the Sir Selwyn Selwyn – Clarke Market, home to Victoria’s weekend fresh Fish, Meat, Food and non-perishables market.

We were hosted by Brigitte Lepoix (Travel Consultant) and her sister Christine Frichot, who were refereed to me by Seychellois internet friend MarieFelicia-Ramalingam Kutti Ramalingam. Brigitte Lepoix helped to organize my week including a stay with Maurice Lavigne and friends (Francis and Joe), at his boutique BnB. Maurice was wonderful in aiding me with logistics that I needed to deal with mid-trip and with a visa for India. Along with getting me organized with a personal clean-up after 7 weeks of Safari and outdoor living in Southern-Africa and Madagascar; At Peppermints, at the hands of Palmy, with a manicure/pedicure, ankle massage for my ailing ankle and a full body massage for my full aching body. Topping this off with keeping me clean, or at least in clean clothes via his laundry service. Both on arrival and prior to departure.

Brigitte Lepoix also arranged a wonderful day drive, with Gerard Port-Louis, around the island of Mahe, where I saw the many beaches and learned of the countries relatively short history. (It was not inhabited until the mid (1600’s). The day after Gerard had guided me so well, we crossed paths as he was giving himself a self-guided tour of the market where I was to meet up with Mathilda and new friends. Bridgette’s sister Christine Frichot works for the Heritage Site department. The Seychelles’ population of 93,000 are an interesting mix of people, cultures and languages that have created their own unique shared by all creole language and society, in a paradise not found until the arrival of their ancestors.

Other days included the Regatta at the beach just below Maurice’s BnB and a day of island hopping and snorkeling in the bay across from the Capital city Victoria.

With the help of Mathilda’s good judgement in friends, I have had a wonderful holiday from my holiday.

Mathilda Twomey’s judgement is so well respected; she is now known as the Chief Justice of the Seychelles. As for me I have gone from Hostel Manager, to Homeless Traveler.

It is interesting where one’s dance through life can lead. Instead of being judged in Dancing With the Stars, I enjoyed Dancing with the Judge. Never try to dance around the law with this Judge, Mathilda knows the Law and Dance. While our fellow Irish Blow-in, Michael Flatly, is Lord of the Dance; in the Seychelles Mathilda is Lord of the Law and a great friend with great friends, to judge her by.

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