Society on the move: Transportation of Goods, the Madagascar way


Yes, there are trucks, but there are bad roads and tradition too. So why not use one’s head, literally, and transport Madagascar style.



No flat tires, when you transport on foot, literally. No worn out shoes either when again transporting by foot, literally. No tow trucks needed if you can get up on your own toes and move again. No age restrictions, or license needed, if you can walk, you can deliver. You are never too old or too young, as long as you can move, you do. When it positively, absolutely has to be there today, it is; and not a paper to sign.


These deliveries on foot are not limited to the local area, deliveries are inner-city and intra-city over great empty expanses, the distance seems not to matter, moving goods from place to place is the objective, not the distance it takes; irrespective of weather, road temperatures etc. These are people who do not stop.


As a matter of fact it is impossible to run a stop sign or light any where in the Madagascar, there are none. Just keep moving. When you get there drop off your load, and pick up one on the return, no good if you are empty headed or handed.

I am amazed out how everyone is busy here, very few idle souls. Many with smiles, some not. It seems there is 100% employment from the time one walks to the time they cannot. And those who cannot walk, are carried by those of any age who can.

It is literally a society on the move. A society where one does not walk in another’s shoe, they walk in their own skin, literally.

Note: These pictures include animal powered, manpowered and gravity assisted transport, but the vast majority 90% is people power, on foot, on the pavement, mud, sand, stones, etc, people power.

Even before birth one is engaged in the transportation of goods, as a mother carries child within her and goods upon her. Life carries on.



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