A baby shares my name part I

Victoria Falls Rainforest Cafe, Zimbabwe


A Tip that will last a third lifetime

Tipping differs from country to country, but I had never imagined what a tip could do in Zimbabwe. Having finished a nice walk along the cliffs of Victoria Falls, I decided to get a bite to eat at the Rainforest Café. My waitress’ name was Brenda and I shared with her, had I been a girl I would have been named Brenda. I gave her my travelling card which has my American and Irish names of Brent and Brendan. She had a big smile and a bigger tummy since she was with child, just a month or two away by the looks of her.


When I had finished my meal and it was time to pay, I asked the cashier if I left a tip for Brenda, “Would she get the whole tip?” The response was, “No, the tips are shared.” I then asked, If I give a tip for her baby, would that be shared?” The response was, “No, that would be for the baby.” So, I gave two tips one to be shared and one for the baby.


About a month later I was contacted by Brenda, to let me know she had decided to name her son after me. I was a bit stunned, but appreciative. She shared that I was the only one who had given her son anything while she was pregnant.

I will be visiting Brenda and Brendon, in July, when he will be about 9 months old.

I was named by my mother for a family friend and attorney who saved a woman from choking, while they were out to dinner. Once again, out for a meal, but not doing anything heroic the name will live for another generation.

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