As Cold as Ice


The doctor says: after putting my ankle and wrist in braces and leaving me in stitches (two above the left eye), to treat my sprained ankle with ‘cold’ ice. (Which caused me to ponder, isn’t all ice cold? What would warm ice be? Slush? Or whiskey with ice?)

With this prescription I sought out a location for immediate, full body, treatment, where the temperature would be colder than ice, and if per chance I fell again, ‘cold’ ice would be immediately on the surface of the damaged area, as I would be immediately on the surface of the ‘cold’ ice. Treatment meets injury simultaneously.

Ergo, taking the long and winding road: I went to the Andes for treatment and as it turns out my seat mate on the tour bus was Guta Ribeiro physiotherapist to the Brazilian Air force, fortunately or unfortunately her services were not required.

Herewith are photos of my treatment regimen: (please note I was not in too much danger, there were rescue helicopters in the air and to prevent starvation a signed fresh frozen meat section on the road. And birds nearby.)

Also included are friends, faces, friendly faces and my tour mates from Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil… who helped me along the way with a shoulder to lean on and songs to sooth.


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