Another chapter to my storyographies – the Contessa Chronicles

Colonia, Uruguay

Today I add another chapter to my storyographies, the Contessa Chronicles, in honour of a young lady who this summer took a week out of her busy schedule to teach her Grandpa, Spanish. As a result of her assistance, I am more comfortable visiting Spanish speaking countries. I hope my including her in stories of places I visit, which speak the language of her bi-lingual school will encourage her along in her studies and enrich her with additional knowledge of countries to which she can speak.

At 8 years old now her learning early should benefit her, and the world that it opens up to her. So I begin my first story to my Contessa Lorelie and Squire Atticus.

Dear Contessa,

I thank you for the lesson learned and even the scolding on the day my lesson was late. Your teachings have helped to explore lands I thought I would never go. As I travel through these lands I implore that you send me your thoughts and ideas of places I should go and see, and more vocabulary I might use.

Today as a small gift I give you a present of one picture of each of the countries visited by your not so humble grandpa: Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Argentina and Uruguay. I have just started my journey in South America and I already have stories to tell of street dancing, gauchos and more. Yesterday I was greeted then put to bed by an amazing sun rise as I sailed to Uruguay, and sunset and moon show upon my return. In the meantime, I watched the scene of constant change as I watched ship and bird pass my restaurant’s window and enjoyed an orange and moon, yes orange and moon, for it was not the moon that was orange but the orange that the moon rested against as it lifted itself into the evening sky.

For you my Contessa and for the Squire my photos for your enjoyment, as thanx for the enjoyment the learning you shared with me has brought.

I look forward to the day you can join me on my adventures and interpret the world for yourself.

With the greatest of appreciation,

Your grateful student and grandpa.

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