Bounty Boys Bring up the Sun to brighten another day

Bounty Island, Fiji

When my children were young I would explain to them as the Sun set into the sea, it cooled and became the moon. But I could never explain, how it arose bright and cheery again.

Here near the International Date Line where Earth’s day begins, I found the answer. The day starts with the Bounty Boys fishing the sun out from warm ocean of Fiji, then as a team they lift the Sun into the sky to brighten the world’s and your day.

So each morn when you espy the sun, it was sent to you by the Bounty Boys. Accept the Morning wave from a Bula girl saying the Fiji hello of Bula, as your wish from them to you to have a beautiful day.

As the Bounty birds ready for warmth of the sun upon their wings, I now ready to board my boat back to the mainland and my flight across the line that separates Earth’s night and day.

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