A pupil of life looking at herself

Guangzhou, China

What one sees and experiences is different for each person. While I look deep into an eye, what I see is a pupil of life looking at herself. I was pleased with what I saw and experienced in China. My last day was like my first; enjoying the sights while making friends at the same time. Jenny who picked me up at the airport, and whose eyes are a wonder to see. Leaving me to be care for by the receptionist Angela, a friend in a circle of friends. Cathy an Irish compatriot who joined me at the Happy Monk making me a more than happy Bishop. Mandy who brought me my repaired computer. Joe the nephew of a friend of a friend (Johnnyd) who took be around for the day to buy computer accessories and see the sights. Including a bird on a Lotus bud. Even making sure I would not get lost by providing directions for strangers to read to get me to where I needed to be. Julie who I met walking in Melbourne and now rejoined for the Pearl River Cruise. What I will see next and experience next I do not know. But I do know what I saw and experienced in China was totally unexpected. I look forward to more of the unexpected as I travel.

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