Australia / 24. april 2016

Reflections: Sometimes, events in life leave you breathless, trapped beneath the glass ceiling, as you struggle to get above water. Where a life delivering pelican creating the shape of a heart in its reflection, can reflect with self-love, helping to re-direct one’s trauma and bring calm.

The week of 10 April became a challenge for me, as a result of a series of unfortunate errors, deleted my photographic memories, of reunions with friends, the making of new friends and related events: from dragon boat races, to my Olympic training preparation, to an urban autumn in Melbourne. All lost at the stroke of a few keys.

Or so it seemed. These memories were made up of about 2,000 photos of my first 10 days in Australia, not lost forever, but recovered in the form of 36,000+ files in disarray, requiring me to sift through file by file to recover the memories lost. The most important to me being the self-love life delivering pelican, which was found as file number 18,222 out of 36,864. I am still trying to learn how to recover video, so I can find the video of the pelican delivered Joey as it undulates within in mother’s protective pouch.

All was not lost, as I recompile my photos, I can share photos about my Olympic training, a Melbourne Autumn’s weekend, Dragon Boats and more.

Photos of reflection: A river reflecting high on the 88th floor of the Eureka Tower, while the river flows at ground level, as rivers do. The sunset reflecting upon the ferry which connects Fraser Island with the Australian Continent. The sun reflecting off the shimmering waters. A new friend reflecting upon a window, as her picture of reflection is captured. As well as the re-found pictures of friends made and revisited.

By the end of this posting you will see I was feeling zooper and the buildings were a smiling as I continued to reflect on what was lost but now found (sort of). In the last photo I find myself picturing me in my own self reflection, breathing easy 88 floors above the water and safely protected by a wall of glass.

It is nice when memories and friends are not lost but retained with not a moment lost in time.

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