The rainbow coalition of flowers, butterfly and bee

Summer Beach, New Zealand

International Affairs: Having now traveled on this trip to 4 continents, it is time to share some of my findings on the international behavior of the birds, bees, flowers and now butterflies too. In my day, it was the birds, bees and flowers that were used to explain human affairs, but now the butterfly has come out of the cocoon and announced itself as part of that reality.

Cuba a Stork flies over unsuspecting bathers leaving the beach with no satchel in the beak.

Arizona USA a Love Bird and a bee on a palm tree discuss the facts of life?

A New Zealand butterfly engages with a flower, as does a New Zealand bee pollenating a delicate beach daisy.

Hong Kong does its part to share the beauty of life’s creations to liven up an airport concourse.

Iceland shares it flowers and edible plants at a food show.

Canada ,an herbal flower fights off winter cold to bring healing to others when the warmth of Spring returns.

Enjoy the rainbow coalition of flowers, butterfly and bee that inspired me on a New Zealand beach today.

At presentations end, enjoy a butterflies transition, the preflight dance of a bee and an oxymoron penguin express bus.


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