Rediscovery of Middle Earth

Tekapo, New Zealand

My travels, as suggested by Charlotte Poirot, the kayak warrior, has led me to the rediscovery of Middle Earth, as it recovers from the ‘Battle of the Rings’. The spirit of Gandalf the White overseas the rebirth of Middle Earth. The dark clouds that once prevented light to reach the surface are gone. Low level clouds caress the slopes of the once barren mountains helping them to heal and provide a place for new growth. The moon the expert of recreation something it has done 12,000 times a millennium for four millenniums 28 days at a time, breathes the red blood of life back into Middle Earth. The once darkened waters now have the reflections of Gollum’s aquamarine eyes that had been deceived when he came under the power of the rings. The vanquished evil lords, now with their faces frozen in the rocks. Rocks which turn into stone those of greed who would deceive, create strife between otherwise kind people and would build barriers to keep some out and others in. There is one mountain where such a man’s hair awaits his arrival but not knowing which of his many faces may present itself in time.

For the Middle Earth minions enjoy the growing beauty and cooling blankets of ice of a reviving Middle Earth.

As for the shire, no pictures will be shown here. The Hobbits, would like to enjoy their peace. In talking to one of the lady Hobbits, she shared that they appreciate that the world knows of the deeds of her ancestors. They were very happy when the books of their deeds were published decades ago and the visits by knowledgeable and respectful readers. But she reports now with the movies, it is impossible to find peace in the Shire. With conveyor belts of tourist, with tour guides who share their story in a most unsatisfactory way and then release them from the busses to wonder through shire. With some even coming in to their homes without knowing and even interrupting ‘private time’ to see if their feet are as hairy as stated. She said she would prefer visitors who would bring food, drink and be willing to take the time to share stories of yore.

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