Two young ladies and a Father

Staður, Iceland

Two young ladies and a Father: It is helpful to know a foreign language and I am so happy these young ladies, speak both Icelandic and English so well. Caught in a blizzard and the road blocked, no one had anywhere to go, except to the local ‘Truck Stop’. Me not being one wanting to wait for the storm to pass, I asked the young ladies if they knew someone who spoke English, which they did just fine.

I explained where I wanted to go but the road was blocked. One of the young ladies asked a local expert, her father to assist. They helped me with the guidance, I needed. They asked if it is normal for me not to wait the storm out? Generally, not I said. I prefer to find alternatives to waiting.

The alternate route they provided, while within the blizzard was passable and I arrived at my place for the night earlier than anticipated. I am now safe and sound at my accommodation hoping for break in the clouds, a setting sun and the flickering of the Northern Lights. And feeling appreciation for those who speak a language beyond their own.

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