At the meeting point of such human and geographic history


OUT OF AFRICA: Bi-Continental (Africa/Europe) sunset journey across the meeting of the waters (Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea), ending on a rock (Gibraltar) looking back at the theoretical birthplace of the human species (pre-original members in attendance). Celebrating above: the moon and Saturn and a star/planet/galaxy (Venus me thinks) above the settled sun on the horizon and birds migrating freely. As the land of Gibraltar is alit, welcoming the arrival of new visitors and lighting the streets below for those who reside.

AKA Pillars/Straights of Hercules. Photos are bi-directional, some from Africa to Europe and vice versa, please look at the notes on each picture for more context.

A personal note: I always thought it would be interesting to be at this place, at sunset. It was not Interesting, it was amazing; to be at the meeting point of such human and geographic history. It was a step up from a sunrise on Native American lands in Warm Springs Reservation Oregon, a mid-winters night sky scape on Tracht Beach Ireland, An Autumns Welsh Sunset at a nieces wedding, Angkor Wat, Cambodia and a few other memorable visual moments in my life. (Nothing of course will match watching the birth of my 3 children).

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