Hearts Animal Sanctuary – By Melissa Sparks

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Animals are at endangered in Rajasthan, India from poaching and encroaching civilization. Killed or injured by guns or machinery, these endangered animals need a sanctuary for their survival. 

A Gift that Gives More than Given – We are asking for friends to gift to, Two-friends and a project that will keep on giving. For a friend’s Hearts Animal Sanctuary project in India to help endangered wild and domestic animals to extend their lives and care.  In the name of my best friend “Melissa Sparks”, lover of animals, who passed in April 2020. 

This project will provide for the safety and care of wild and domestic animals in Rajasthan, India.   Located next to a Government Reserve, injured and endangered animals will be cared for, as needed with a clinic, to be able to return to the wild or be cared for in safety.  The care will be overseen by Beerma Bishnoi, a member of the Bishnoi Community, who have been caring for animals and plants for over 500 years.

The monies will be used to acquire land adjacent to a wildlife area, provide fencing, shelters, medical care and other amenities. That will provide a safe place for animals to be cared for and a clinic.

The funds will be used immediately for land acquisition and property development, scheduled to start before years end.

The animals cared for will be wild animals that live in nature and domestic animals that live in the area that are orphaned or injured.

If you want to know how much each dollar given will go: For each dollar given one will help animal protector Beerma reach a dream, that same dollar will help create a safe place for wild and domestic animals and their care, and that dollar will continue the living memory of animal loving best friend Melissa Sparks and for us this is all Priceless.

The Hearts Animal Sanctuary – By Melissa Sparks will be overseen by the Bishnoi Community, which has cared for life of plant and animals for hundreds of years, and fertilized by the people who care for them.

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